Luxury Closet Design

Luxury Closet Design

Closets that work and work beautifully start with good design. The most beautiful custom made cabinetry that doesn’t work…doesn’t work, and thousands of dollars are wasted. Clients who have hired me – to fix an ill-fit closet or plan the right one – realize how essential my services are. While it is tempting to cut corners in design, a project done right starts with good design.

Luxury Closet Design for your next custom closet.

Luxury Closet Design embodies the art of living lavishly, even in your personal spaces. Once closed, utilitarian storage areas, elegant closets are now a welcoming sanctuary for respite and leisure, where days begin and end in beauty and luxury. All too often, existing closets, small or large, are not specifically designed to the user’s needs. Misused spaces are crucially wasted. As luxury closet designers, our objective is to design an organizational system that works perfectly for you, considering your habits, your belongings, and your style in the space available. We add bells and whistles and finishing touches to make it your uniquely special place. We design your closet to YOUR style and YOUR sensibility. Luxuriously.

Closet Designer Janie Lowrie

Key components we use to create a luxury closet:

Custom luxury closet design in Portland

Integrated Lighting

Design Lighting is an undervalued component to the closet. We like to use general lighting, in-cabinetry lighting, and an accent piece, such as a chandelier. If possible, they are set on separate dimmable switches so you have full control over the mood and look of the closet space. The in-cabinetry lighting allows you to see clothes clearly and differentiate between navy blue, browns, and blacks. Choosing and using the right lighting makes all the difference.

walk in closet design

Custom Cabinetry

Exciting, interesting materials are used — everything from exotic woods to custom metal work. The sky is the limit. Cabinetry can be assembled with custom features. For example, rather than standard wood backing, mirror backs can be used to create a boutique feel, so there is a sense of shopping in your closet every day. The mirror effect also makes the room feel bigger and open.

Luxury Closet design layout

Everything Designed with a Purpose

When we are hired to design a closet, the first step is to account for all your belongings. In this process, we might purge items that have not been used for over a year. Once we have collected all the data and a clear understanding of your wish list, we start the design phase. As part of this process, we always try to maximize the space for your belongings. Our drawings are coded and labeled with particular closet accessories and where items will be stored (i.e. shirts, undergarments, jewelry, etc.).

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, which means clear and punctual communication. Whether we are working with our clients or any of the sub-contractors, our goal is the end result of a beautiful and custom closet.

Shoe Storage

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Jewelry Storage

Purse Storage

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