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With the growing trend in custom closet design and the availability of video technology, remote closet design has never been easier. We have an increasing number of projects around the world – Guam, Istanbul, and Japan, to name a few – as well as projects across the United States. We provide design consultations remotely by the hour, and the process is largely the same as it is with an in-person client. The difference is that the remote client will collect information that we would normally collect in person, including space dimensions, photos of the current closet space, and inventory information.

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Step 2

We will have you submit photos of your current closet, including pictures of all accessories and all drawer interiors. This helps us understand your organizational needs and design for them.


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Step 4

Once we have all the data, we ‘go into our design cave’ and start mocking up multiple options in 3D. When we are ready to present them, we schedule a conference call that allows you to look at the computer remotely and see exactly what we are discussing. We take you through each 3D concept and explain the design philosophy behind each, including what inventory each concept can accommodate. For example, one design option might have more shoe space than a second option, which might have more lineal feet of hanging space. We collect your feedback and continue designing to make any changes or additions. This design phase might be fairly quick or take a few rounds of revisions based on each client’s needs and desires.

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Shoe Closet Design

Step 1

The Closet Theory team will email you a questionnaire and inventory form to complete. This enables our design team to better understand your way of life, habits, and style. For example, questions will focus on the order in which you get ready, and your preferred way of organizing, etc. The inventory form is an analysis of how much and what type of clothing you own. This allows us to custom design the new space specifically to your needs.

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Step 3

We collaborate on ideas for the new space through imagery. We get inspired together, looking at images using tools such as Houzz and Pinterest. These tools help us communicate our visions with each other, allowing you to share what inspires you and allowing us to bounce ideas off of you.


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Step 5

Once we have a final layout, we put the design into a precise drawing using our AutoCAD system. This allows you to look at specific details such as hanging heights, size of drawers, cabinetry detail, lighting design, etc. These are the plans you would pass along to your local cabinetmaker for construction. (Our plans are based on dimensions provided by the client, so it is the responsibility of the cabinetmaker to double check on-site measurements and adjust accordingly.) During the construction process, we are available to answer questions the cabinetmaker might have and will also order all the custom closet accessories to complete the project.

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