We Rank the Top Wardrobe Organizing and Scheduling Apps

I thought I made it easy on myself by narrowing down my outfit choices into a capsule wardrobe but I had trouble creating different looks with limited options. Come on, this was supposed to make my mornings easier! I expressed my frustrations to a client and she told me there’s an app for that. Finally, Cher’s “Closet Computer” in CLUELESS comes to fruition. Having my closet on the go also means I don’t come home with ANOTHER pair of black ballet flats. As I took a deep dive into the fashion apps, I discovered there are many variations of this digital concept. Never fear, I tried them so you don’t have to.

CLUELESS Closet Computer

Each app allows you to upload your clothes (as a photo or .jpg) and then schedule your outfit combinations in a “Calendar.” An added benefit to using the “Calendar” feature is how I never have to guess if it’s “about time” to get my trousers dry cleaned. What I like least is the amount of time I spent cataloging my clothes. Also, I’m not looking for any fancy bells and whistles. I don’t want to share my “looks” with other app users or comment on theirs. Just get me out the door!

Closet Space App LogoCloset Space App Interface








6.) ClosetSpace v.3.1.2 (Feb. 26, 2015)

My least favorite of all the programs is ClosetSpace because it takes SO long to catalog my wardrobe. In order to save an item into your “Closet” you must fill in normal fields like color and style but they also require the location and date of purchase. That’s fine to keep track of but don’t make this a mandatory field. I just picked the first store on the list and today’s date. Also, the item drop-down menu isn’t alphabetized. Either you have to scroll down a huge list every time you enter a garment or use the search bar.

POLYVORE App LogoPolyvore App Interface








5.) Polyvore v.4.34 (Aug 9, 2017)

Don’t be confused. This is a shopping app. Polyvore isn’t for the busy woman trying to organize her life. It’s more of a “game” for budding fashionistas to create dream outfits. This is supported by the fact you can “level up” through your activity. Choose items from within the app to create your outfits and with one tap you can buy them. I’m trying to downsize, not add more items to my wardrobe.

Pureple App LogoPureple App Interface


4.) Pureple Outfit Planner v.3.34 (Sept. 1, 2017)

Pureple excels at displaying garments and outfits visually and I’m encouraged by the fact they released an update just last month. This shows the developer is actively improving the functionality of the app especially since there is room for improvement. I wish the calendar could be edited from within the “Calendar” screen. As it stands right now, you navigate back to the “Outfit” menu to make changes or even delete a specific outfit from the calendar. Since my needs are on the functionality of the calendar Pureple isn’t the app for me.

GlamOutfit App Logo







3.) GlamOutfit v.2.0.4 (May 30, 2017)                                                                                                         I really like GlamOutfit and it has a lot of potential. I love how basic items are pre-loaded within the app to be put into your “Closet.” Clothes are laid out nicely once put into an outfit with no resizing necessary. It is the only app where you can post a picture of yourself wearing the outfit right next to the computer generated image. This app loses me when it comes to the “Calendar” section. What I don’t like about GlamOutfit is how it shows a check mark on the days you schedule an outfit instead of an image of the ensemble within the date box. It also fails to track the amount of times an outfit or item is worn. With these tweaks, GlamOutfit will rise to my top choice of free wardrobe organizing apps. SmartCloset App Logo

2.) SmartCloset v. 1.4 (Feb 3, 2017)

SmartCloset is so easy to use and by far the best free app I tried. Items are easy to upload, creating outfits for your “Lookbook” is simple and you can see your full outfit when you place it in the calendar. Like other apps, there is a section to “Pack” for a trip which will come in handy for our next family vacation. What I don’t like is after uploading pieces, they’re not visually categorized. They are all just dumped in the order you upload them into the app. There’s shoes next to coats and everything in between. My fall capsule wardrobe is small but upload more and your clothes might get as lost in the app as they are in your closet.


Stylebook App Logo

Stylebook App Interface

1.) Stylebook v.7.0 (January 28th, 2016)

There’s a reason why it costs $3.99. Stylebook is the mothership of wardrobe apps. The ease of uploading and cataloging items is unparallelled. Getting from item, to outfit to calendar is seamless. Besides using your own items, you can add things to your “Wishlist” and, of course, be linked to where you can buy it. There is also an “Inspiration” area you use like a Pinterest board but I find it clunky so I still prefer using Pinterest for this https://www.pinterest.com/closettheory/fashion/). Stylebook lacks the option to randomly create an outfit (inspiring combinations I wouldn’t have thought of) but I don’t NEED this feature. If you’re serious about planning your outfits in advance, Stylebook is well worth the money.


Have any of you used one of these apps? How do you like it?